Get the Garrett West Apartment Clean In a Hurry with These Tips

smart cleaning tips

While at home at your luxury Durham apartment, you don't want dirty floors and cluttered counters to keep you from being able to really relax. Knock out all those housecleaning chores quickly by using these smart cleaning tips. Leave clean trash bags in the bottom of each garbage can. Now you always have a clean bag handy. Stop wasting time … [Read more...]

Feel Fully Refreshed After Relaxing at Your Garrett West Apartment

release your stress

There's no reason to bring your stress home with you. Worrying about issues at work or social pressures and future plans won't do anything to fix them, and it's important to be able to let go of the tension in order to fully enjoy your down time. So, to help you release your stress and feel more refreshed, try one of these quick and easy tips at our luxury … [Read more...]

Tantilizing Hot Dog Recipes to Try at the Garrett West Gourmet Kitchen

excellent hot dog recipes

July is National Hot Dog Month, which means that now is the perfect opportunity to test out some new hot dog recipes. If you're planning on having any summertime gatherings at our luxury apartments near Landsbury, then here are some excellent hot dog recipes to explore. A salsa hot dog is just the kick that you need to start your grilling off right. Take … [Read more...]

Host a Wine Party Tasting on the Garrett West Patio this Summer

Host a Wine Party Tasting on the Garrett West Patio this Summer

Summer is the best season to have an outdoor gathering of close friends. A nice way to spend a summer day outdoors is by having a wine tasting party. Our Garrett West apartments near Waterbury are a beautiful spot for your next wine tasting, and here are a few tips on how to get started with your planning. The most important aspect of the wine tasting is … [Read more...]

3 Essential Tips for Keeping the Garrett West Laundry Room Clean

garrett west laundry

Keeping the laundry room clean can be difficult, but it's not impossible. Our luxury Durham apartments with washers and dryers are a great convenience, and with a bit of time, they can become incredibly organized rooms. Here are a few tips on how to keep your laundry space clean. Presort your laundry. When you take clothes off, sort them immediately. … [Read more...]